Getting a Glimpse of Verlyn

Photos of our weekend with Verlyn Klinkenborg! Hot off the presses!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I’m not entirely convinced of that (I have a lot more faith in my ability to craft sentences than my ability to lightmeter wisely using my digital camera) but even so, there’s something neat about getting the visual input that photographs provide.

You may have read about our most recent weekend of programming in the latest installment of inkmail, but maybe you want more evidence that these things really happened: that Verlyn Klinkenborg was really here, that I didn’t dream the entire thing up in a Dayquil-induced haze. (Summer colds are such a drag…)

So check this out:

That’s Verlyn Klinkenborg, giving a fabulous talk about rural living, the writing life, why he distrusts nature writing as a genre, and the importance of paying attention. (Taken at Sheep Hill Farm on Saturday afternoon, July 30th, 2005.)

You can see other photos from our Weekend With Verlyn Klinkenborg in the inkberry photoset, which I just updated.


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