Long live the library!

September 16, 2005

The last few weeks have seen some awesome changes to the Inkberry space. We’ve repainted; our classroom is now a warm lemon yellow, and our library a dovey kind of bluegrey (that’s thanks to intrepid adventurer Jill and a passel of college students; more on that shortly). And as part of that process, we had to move the contents of our library, and then move them back. The shuttling of books from room to room reminded me just how neat our Writers’ Resource Library is, so I figured I’d come wax rhapsodic about it for a minute. Especially since we just got some really neat new donations of magazines and books.

The original idea behind our resource library was twofold: we aimed to collect journals (so writers could get a sense for where to submit their work) and books about writing and publishing (because it’s always fun to read other peoples’ accounts of the writing life), and we aimed to provide a comfortable and cosy space where writers could congregate, hang out, work on their writing, or just read in a friendly environment. Along the way we wound up with a good collection of other stuff, too: novels, poetry, even a handful of fascinating books on science and philosophy.

Having given up our enormous and ancient cabinet-mounted television when we moved upstairs, we decided to shell out for a real TV recently — so now we can watch our collection of Lannan Literary Series videos of poets reading and discussing their own work. (We’ll also be using that TV to watch literary movies in our Salon Series, which begins in a couple of weeks — more about that soon.) And Barry Goldstein kindly donated several chairs, including a wooden rocking chair that I might have to commandeer for the office because I’m so fond of it already.

Meanwhile, two boxes of books just arrived in the mail. From Pat Schneider (of Amherst Writers and Artists fame) came a bundle of her books, including Writing Alone and With Others (book and dvd!); from poet David Lehman (who read here a few years ago) came another box of books for the Lehman Collection, which includes all kinds of books, journals, and limited-edition chapbooks, most autographed and many with notes and letters to David tucked neatly inside the cover or flap.

Here endeth the paean of praise to the Inkberry Writers’ Resource Library. It’s currently open on Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 1-5pm, and by appointment, so if you’re looking for a cosy place to write (especially once winter weather sets in), or if you want to browse our stacks, please drop by! Inkberry members can even borrow books and videotapes, for free, for up to two weeks at a time…C’mon, you know you want to…