Mount Holyoke intern’s farewell (Guest post from Liz O’Grady)

Hello there. My name is Elizabeth O’Grady and I’m a senior from Mount Holyoke. “Mount Holyoke?” you might ask, “what is she doing here, then?”

Well, to answer your question, I’m from Williamstown. I decided that this January, rather than returning to South Hadley to take a class on dog sledding or balancing a checkbook or some other enticing academic offering, I’d prefer to intern at Inkberry. I wanted to learn something about the dark inner workings of a literary arts non-profit.

On my first day at Inkberry, I went down the hall to use the ladies room. I noticed that the door was missing its “w” and said only “omen.” Seeing this within my first few moments at Inkberry made me worry. Was this all a mistake? Should I have stayed at school and learned about dog sledding?

Fortunately, I have enjoyed my experience here at Inkberry. I’ve gotten to distribute Inkberry’s exciting (and attractive!) new postcard-sized event schedules, learn a little something about the literary life by researching fellowships and retreats for writers, and ventured into the fascinating world of literary blogs.

I would like to thank Rachel and Jill for this valuable January opportunity, and Inkberry for letting this little English major know that there are so many more options for me out there besides living in a cardboard box or becoming a high school English teacher. Not that there’s anything wrong with either of those options…


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