Another Inkberry intern’s goodbye (Guest post from Anne Louise Ennis)

Hello! I’m Anne Louise Ennis, and I come to Inkberry from Philadelphia, by way of Williamstown, where I’m a senior at Williams College. Like Liz, I was looking for something a bit more rewarding to do with myself during our Winter Study term. I decided to intern at Inkberry (through Williams’ experiential education program) rather than remain on campus and study something completely esoteric, as a bit of preparation for what awaits me this June.

Jill and Rachel didn’t know it, but I’d actually done my research on Inkberry prior to meeting with them on January 4th. For a final project in my Non-Profit Organizations and Community Change tutorial last fall I drafted a proposal for a literary arts after-school education program, which I set here in Berkshire County, as a sort of mini-Inkberry. I was terribly excited to hear that Inkberry was interested in actually pursuing such a program, in the real world, as opposed to in the computer lab at the Williams College library.

In addition to doing some preliminary research on after-school programming possibilities, I’ve been refreshing my computer skills and working on the Inkberry website, and I hope you will enjoy the fruits of my labor. When I’m not busily working away in front of a computer screen, Liz and I have been distributing Inkberry’s glossy new calendars throughout town and making friends with the owners of the new (and excellent) coffee shop next door, Cup and Saucer.

I’ve greatly enjoyed my time here at Inkberry; I would like to thank Jill and Rachel for showing me how a few dedicated people can make their dreams into reality. I greatly relished this opportunity to get out of the classroom and into the world, before I re-enter the classroom as an elementary school teacher in the fall.


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