Inkberry + flickr = happy

I got my first digital camera about a year ago. Not long thereafter, I got myself an account at I uploaded pictures and sorted them into sets (albums), and after a short while I created an inkberry photoset. That worked fine…for a while.

But we’ve reached a point where more than one person involved with inkberry takes digital pictures. And we’re starting to have a large enough photo collection that it’d be nice to be able to organize it into subsets — little albums for different events, or different components of what we do.

So now inkberry has its own flickr account. Right now it features a few photos from ‘zineberry, our middle school ‘zine-writing workshop.

I probably won’t delete the inkberry photos from my own account. We’ve linked to several of them in blog posts, and I don’t want those links to go bad. But over time, we’ll copy the old inkberry photos into the new inkberry account, and that’ll be the place to look for pictorial proof of what we’ve been doing.

So if you have a flickr account, add inkberry to your contacts list! We’re happy to offer a little window into what we’re up to.


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