Apologies to Poe, thanks to Inkberry! (guest post from Seth Brown)

One of the coolest things that happened at Inkstravaganza last night was that Seth Brown read a poem written in honor of Inkberry. It was fabulous. With his permission, we reprint it here!

“Apologies to Poe, Thanks to Inkberry”


Hear the writers with their words—
Silver words!
Litanies of literary merit will be heard,
As they’re writing, writing, writing,
On a worn and wrinkled page
While the dogs outside are biting
And the children all are fighting
Since they never act their age.
Ink will fall, fall, fall
As they write their scribbled scrawl
From the ink and inspiration which on them has been conferred
To write words, words, words, words,
words, words, words—
Their creation and formation of the words. [read more!]

Hear the poets with their words,
Golden words!
When a metaphor-y story of one’s death is writ as birds!
As they wrestle with their muse
For the perfect word to choose
In their careful-crafted lines
That they will write
From their ever-churning minds
As they try to pack these feelings into lines
Very tight!
And while seeking inspiration for their writerly vocation
They had found that their location had a bit of isolation
There were three with motivation to create a congregation
That gave writers information which would help them fight frustration
Thus this literary station long ago had its formation.
It’s been now five years duration, hence our current celebration
As we show appreciation and our ardent admiration
For this wonderful foundation — hopefully with a donation
To Inkberry.
It’s the personification of a literary friend,
Helping us to let our words run free, to frolic and transcend,
Pretty words, words, words, words,
words, words, words—
It’s instruction with production of our words.
Thank you, Inkberry.


One Response to Apologies to Poe, thanks to Inkberry! (guest post from Seth Brown)

  1. […] the chance to reconnect with all of them. The two poems we premiered that night ( Seth Brown’s Apologies to Poe, Thanks to Inkberry, and my own Berry Sestina) were both a hit, as was Bernice Lewis’ song about the writing […]

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