The newest of the newbies (guest post from Alexandra Woolner)

So I’m the newest of the newbies to Inkberry. For a brief bio I’ll say that I’m from MCLA studying English and graduating this Fall. For a longer bio feel free to go here: here. Nice picture, huh? I’m reading Langston Hughes.

Actually, I’ve been reading more and more graphic novels recently, and I’ve branched out from my typical style of writing poetry into some short fiction. Other recent events concerning the artistic side of my life include drinking almost exclusively red and tazo black chai as far as tea is concerned, writing my valentines this year on construction paper, and fully completing a doggy sweater in about 24 hours for the Toy Fox Terrier of my fellow intern, Sarah. Through a friend I also just acquired a new camera, a Lubitel (which translates into Black-Cross-eyed- Toy-Box in Russian), and I’m entirely too enthralled. Hopefully all of this translates into some great writing.

I like hanging out at local cafés in the North Adams area because I feel like that sets me with the right amount of background noise, hot beverage, and general atmosphere to write. My suggestion to any writer who wants to improve their work environment is to switch up those small elements occasionally, you never know what might work. For instance, I’ve found that I love writing with either lots of sunlight in the room, or just one small lamp.

One of my goals for the rest of this academic year is to keep up my writing as much as possible, even if I say I’m having a busy week. So far so good.

Wish me luck.


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