Welcome to inkblog 2.0

Welcome to the newest iteration of inkberry’s blog, now on wordpress.

Since the earliest days of inkberry (well, almost the earliest days) we’ve chronicled life at this nonprofit arts organization through monthly email newsletters called inkmail. From January of 2001 through the end of 2007, we archived our inkmail messages on our website, and you can read that collection here. I love reading old inkmails. They’re letters from our past, and the history of inkberry is tucked between their virtual pages.

Back in 2005 we started a blog. (Consider that inkblog 1.0; we’ve just migrated those old posts here, and they’ve been categorized and tagged, so feel free to browse.) Now it’s almost 2008, and we’ve made the leap to wordpress. Our intention is to continue chronicling the adventures of inkberry, now with assorted wordpress features at our fingertips.

Stay tuned; great stuff is coming.


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