Haiku contest winners!

July 7, 2008

At long last, here are the winners of the haiku contest we posted about last month! The winners each received tickets to a Steeplecats game. Our thanks to everyone who entered!

And the winners are…

Andrew Beaudoin, age 10:

Deep fly ball to left.
He’s going back, to the track,
At the wall…SEE YA!!!

Werner Gundersheimer:

Slathered with mustard
my hot dog falls to the ground.
Guess my team will lose.

Bill Mattia:

Scattered caps and gloves
Another bench clearing brawl
Caused by a bad pitch

Bill Miller:

More so than helmets or cleats

Paul Smachetti:

The ball on a hop
fielded cleanly at second,
the double play turned.

Daniel Spinella:

Wakefield calls the tune.
“Hoedown with Knuckleball.”
The batter beats time.

Honorable Mention:

Gene Conklin
Linda Delisle
Patrick Kelly
James Montgomery
Enid Shields