August inkmail

Greetings Friends,

What have you been reading this summer? So far, this has been a summer filled with books about food. I drooled over Mario Batali’s Babbo Cookbook, devoured Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma, made a meal of Alan Richman’s Fork it Over, savored David Kamp’s The United States of Arugula, had Dan Koeppel’s Banana: the Fate of the Fruit That Changed the World for dessert, and washed it all down with Evan McHugh’s Pint-sized Ireland: in Search of the Perfect Guinness.

— Tom Bernard, Inkberry Board Member.

Enjoy whatever books remain on your summer reading list, while at Inkberry we’re looking towards September.

This fall, the Williamstown Milne Public Library and the House of Local History are joining forces on a Halloween event of historic proportions at the Eastlawn Cemetery and Sherman Burbank Chapel in Williamstown.  The dates of the event are Friday, October 31st, from 7-9 pm, and Saturday, November 1st, from 6-9 pm.

The planning committee for this event is looking for talented writers to join the team and create a “script” for their Haunted Graveyard Tour.  Actual historic research on the area, events, and “inhabitants” has been conducted by the House of Local History and will be provided to the writers for inspiration.  The tour should last approximately 20 minutes and would consist of 3-4 longer stops at certain graves – featuring frightening graveyard soliloquies or actual reenactments – and then some quick historic scares in between stops.  Groups of 10 people would walk the tour, and the tour would repeat with each group.

In addition to the graveyard tour, there is a 30-minute “theatre of the macabre” play being performed in the Sherman Burbank Chapel, created by Main Street Stage of North Adams, and there will be outdoor tents housing Halloween crafts, food, and one showing classic horror films, courtesy of Images Cinema in Williamstown.

For more information, contact or call 664-0775.


Saturday, August 9th from 7pm-9pm
Inkberry & Papyri Books
present: WordPlay featuring Michelle LaFlamme-Childs, Papyri Books, 45 Eagle Street, North Adams. An open mic will follow Colen’s presentation. Gail Burns is host. The event, as usual, is free and open to the public. Call 664.0775

North Adams native Michelle Laflamme-Childs is a poet, essayist, and arts administrator currently living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She holds degrees from the University of Massachusetts and St. John’s College, and having fled the corporate world in 2006, is now the Administrative Director of the Santa Fe Art Institute.

Laflamme-Childs has just completed a stint at the prestigious Napa Valley Writers’ Conference and has recently published a chapbook entitled Love and Lovers. Having written poems secretly for over 25 years, she has only opted to share them with the world at large within the last year, and has had poems optioned by a variety of regional arts & culture magazines. Laflamme-Childs has been reading publicly around Northern and Central New Mexico and is currently working on a book length manuscript entitled Chiaroscuro.


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