About inkblog

This is the blog of inkberry, a literary arts nonprofit in North Adams, Massachusetts. Here’s our mission statement:

Inkberry promotes the literary arts in the Berkshires with events and community partnerships that celebrate writing and reading.

We offer regular writing workshops in our physical home (an office which we share with Northern Berkshire Creative Arts on the second floor of Building 1 in Heritage Park in downtown North Adams.) We also have a Writers’ Resource Library, which is open on Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 1-5pm and by appointment. We offer a year-round reading series, in a variety of venues around northern Berkshire. And we have a website, naturally; our virtual home offers a range of interactive features, including generative writing exercises, areas where folks can post and critique writing, message boards, and a growing collection of reviews of MFA writing programs.

We’ve been in existence since the fall of 2000. Here‘s our archive of inkmail, the monthly e-newsletter which chronicles the unfolding adventures of our literary arts nonprofit from January 2001 through December of 2007. In 2005, we started a blog; at the tail-end of 2007, we migrated that blog to wordpress.

We’re just moving in to our new space here at WordPress, so please excuse the boxes and packing tape. We hope you’ll stick around! Drop us a comment, say hello, let us know you’re there.


4 Responses to About inkblog

  1. Entropy says:

    I stumbled upon your Blog whilst Tag Surfing , as such still exploring , however interesting & meaningful content..will update soon.. keep it up

  2. Violet says:

    I’m trying to get into writing fiction again after a 5 year hiatus. I came across your website after being told about it by someone who lives in North Adams- I recently moved from Upstate NY and was looking for a writing group here. Your site is intriguing. I’ll be back!

  3. Ashley says:

    Ashley McLeod, Intern
    My name is Ashley McLeod, and I am the new general intern for Inkberry. I am a senior at MCLA, majoring in Interdisciplinary studies with a focus in Psychology, Sociology, and English. I am currently exploring my options and thinking about future endeavors. I also work part-time in the kitchen at the North Adams Regional Hospital. As far as hobbies go, I live and breathe horses. I take part in weekly riding lessons, and compete during the summer months. At home I enjoy the company of my wonderful horse “Bonanza”.

  4. Amy Miller says:

    Hi, I just came across your blog and think it is great. I am from the Boston area, and now am in Rhode Island where I operate PoemsToGo, a creative, fun endeavor. We create customized poems, speeches and toasts for all types of nice occasions.

    Please take a look Poems To Go

    I’d love to come up and visit with you sometime, get in touch!


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