Les Calendars Nouveaux

August 16, 2005

The Inkberry fall calendars went out this week: six postal flats jam-packed with rubber-banded bundles of sorted calendars, resplendent in autumnal goldenrod, even now winging their way to Hungary, France, Sweden, Britain, Canada, and a great many of the United States. Two of our fantastic board members spent part of an afternoon here with Jill and me (thanks, guys!) sorting and stickering the mailing, and the next morning I dropped the mailing off at the post office.

It’s always exciting, sending out a new calendar. Every season I fall in love with what we’re offering, and every season just before things begin I have the crazy fantasy that this time, every single class we offer will be packed! It’s never true, of course; one of the reasons we offer so many different things is that we never know exactly what y’all want, so we’re casting our net wide to draw in as many people as we can. This summer, for instance, all of our online workshops ran as planned (with excellent enrollment), while our in-person offerings didn’t. You win some, you lose some.

But at this moment, I don’t know what will become of our fall offerings: in-person workshops in fiction and nature writing, online workshops in poetry and copyediting and responsive nonfiction, a weekly salon series, plus a gamut of readings all over northern Berkshire county. Right now, with the calendars in the mail and the first workshop registrations arriving in my email inbox, I can dream that everything we’ve put together will fly.

On an unrelated note, the saga of our livejournal RSS feed is finally over. And here’s the good news: both of our lj feeds now work. So if you just want to subscribe to inkblog, you want this one: http://www.livejournal.com/users/inkberryblog/ — and if you want the whole kit-and-caboodle, inkblog and events and inkmail alike, you want this one: http://www.livejournal.com/users/inkberryfeed/ Of course, non-livejournal folks can subscribe to a variety of Inkberry RSS feeds, too — just click on the little RSS icon at the bottom of any Inkberry page, and choose the one you want for your aggregator.

That’s the news from Inkberry on this beautiful late-summer afternoon. Stop in and see us sometime!