We survived another fund drive!

November 12, 2005

Three cheers for the annual fund drive — and for making it through Mailing Day!

Inkberry’s annual appeal is always a major endeavor. Once a year we send out 1400 letters — the product of eight or nine different mail-merges — to everyone in our database, seeking renewed support from those who’ve graciously donated in the past, and hoping that some of those who haven’t will choose to do so this year.

Writing the letter gets easier every year. Back in 2000, before Inkberry had put on its first program, convincing people to give us money was a tricky thing; though we still work hard on crafting the letter, these days it’s a lot easier to make ourselves look like a real organization that does real things because, well, we are and we do. 🙂

So we wrote the letter, and ordered new letterhead, and printed up reply slips, and stamped our return address on a few thousand small reply envelopes. In the days leading up to today, Jill and Cassie (and Emily and our board member Linda) stuffed envelopes with reply slips; we printed mailing labels; we wrangled with new toner cartridges and sailed through technical difficulties. Today was the final push — Mailing Day.

We gathered a team of fabulous volunteers who folded, stuffed, labeled, sealed, sorted, and stickered the entire mailing in just under five hours. Millegrazie to Emily, Daniel, Cassie, Jill, Amy, Chris, Enid, and Vern for their help in getting the mailing together!

Jill will haul the flats of letters to the post office in the coming week; hopefully, by Thanksgiving, donations and memberships will start rolling in. We do our best to operate on a shoestring, but running an organization requires funds; the annual appeal is one of the best ways we know to raise those funds. So if you’ve been considering donating, please do! Even a small amount helps — and knowing that you support us (emotionally) enough to support us (financially) makes all of the work worthwhile.