Hello and goodbye (guest post from Jessica Falzerano)

April 28, 2006

This is a hello, nice to meet you as well as a goodbye, it has been great blog. I failed to ever write a hello, this is who I am blog entry and so now I am combining the two. Well, to start, I am Jessica Falzerano a graduating senior at MCLA as well as Inkberry’s spring intern. The past few months here at Inkberry have been an amazing experience for me for numerous reasons.

I have been welcomed with open arms and been given creative freedom to try out my wings in this safe and comfortable environment called Inkberry. I have also created, facilitated and nurtured a writing workshop for MCLA students here at Inkberry. I am sad to have become apart of North Adams’ writing community when I am about to leave but I have enjoyed these few months of being immersed in it immensely. Inkberry is an amazing organization that offers so much to a town like North Adams, and I have been honored to be a part of its dedicated staff and to share my passion of writing with their own. So, here it is: goodbye, it has been amazing!


Worth 1000 words

February 15, 2006

We hadn’t done any filing in a very, very long time.

Three cheers for our new intern Jessica!