Seth Brown & WordPlay in the Beacon

November 23, 2008

Congratulations to Seth Brown, whose WordPlay reading got rave reviews in the MCLA Beacon! The reviewer, Mark Burridge, praised Seth’s reading from his latest project, From God to Verse (a rendering of the entire Torah into rhyming couplets) as well as his fabulous freestyle abilities.

You can read the article here: Seth Brown Plays With Words at Inkberry/Papyri Reading


February inkmail

February 4, 2008

The February edition of inkmail was emailed out over the weekend, and appears now on the Inkberry website. This one’s written by board member Tom Bernard, and offers answers to questions like “how should we entertain ourselves in the time before baseball season begins?”

The new inkmail also makes makes mention of Lighten Up!, a light verse / doggerel workshop taught by Seth Brown which begins tomorrow, February 5; Seth’s a funny guy and a fabulous writer, so if this appeals, sign up now!

Also in this month’s inkmail: a thank-you to the last of Inkberry’s co-founders to step down from org administration, and news about the organization’s impending move to Western Gateway Heritage state Park.

Read the whole thing here.

Gloria Gets Motion Sickness (guest post from Seth Brown)

May 2, 2007

Doing something literary when you’re inspired is great. But doing something literary consistently, even on days you’re not inspired? That’s hard work.

When I first heard about Inkberry, I was very excited. Granted, this was because I thought it was something I could eat. But even after someone explained to me that it was a literary cabal generally consisting of people who didn’t want to be eaten, it still seemed like a pretty neat idea — even moreso than digital watches. I’m glad there’s a literary force in the Shire (as I like to refer to the Berkshires), and doubly glad that it happens to be headquartered in my city.

It’s not easy to keep literary things going for any significant period of time. I had a political poetry column in the Providence Journal for a few years, but it ended in the middle of my college career. I co-founded a humor magazine at Williams, but then I foolishly graduated. I have a blog on that I mean to update regularly but end up updating in fits and starts. Mostly fits. I used to do improvised verse at the 413 poetry slams until they ended. Sic transit gloria. (Or for those who don’t speak Latin, “Gloria gets motion sickness”)

The point is, doing something literary when you’re inspired is great. But doing something literary consistently, even on days you’re not inspired? That’s hard work. Sometimes, it’s even too great a task for one writer to face alone.

So, what do you do when faced with an overwhelming task? Well, you have two options. The first is the option I take: Cheat. I’m not inspired for a post on my blog right now, so I’m going to steal this Inkberry blog entry of mine to paste on my website as well. But that’s not a long-term solution. The other option is to seek help. How fortuitous that you have a local literary cabal that puts on events and even offers a wide range of courses.

Me? I pretty much just offer humor. As a course when there’s demand, on my website even when there isn’t, and in my column in the Transcript until the editor wakes up one day and announces he’s leaving for Bennington. (Seriously, if it happens a third time, I’m going to suspect a conspiracy.)

In conclusion, buy low and sell high. And feel free to replace “low” with “my books”.

Apologies to Poe, thanks to Inkberry! (guest post from Seth Brown)

June 11, 2006

One of the coolest things that happened at Inkstravaganza last night was that Seth Brown read a poem written in honor of Inkberry. It was fabulous. With his permission, we reprint it here!

“Apologies to Poe, Thanks to Inkberry”


Hear the writers with their words—
Silver words!
Litanies of literary merit will be heard,
As they’re writing, writing, writing,
On a worn and wrinkled page
While the dogs outside are biting
And the children all are fighting
Since they never act their age.
Ink will fall, fall, fall
As they write their scribbled scrawl
From the ink and inspiration which on them has been conferred
To write words, words, words, words,
words, words, words—
Their creation and formation of the words. [read more!]

Hear the poets with their words,
Golden words!
When a metaphor-y story of one’s death is writ as birds!
As they wrestle with their muse
For the perfect word to choose
In their careful-crafted lines
That they will write
From their ever-churning minds
As they try to pack these feelings into lines
Very tight!
And while seeking inspiration for their writerly vocation
They had found that their location had a bit of isolation
There were three with motivation to create a congregation
That gave writers information which would help them fight frustration
Thus this literary station long ago had its formation.
It’s been now five years duration, hence our current celebration
As we show appreciation and our ardent admiration
For this wonderful foundation — hopefully with a donation
To Inkberry.
It’s the personification of a literary friend,
Helping us to let our words run free, to frolic and transcend,
Pretty words, words, words, words,
words, words, words—
It’s instruction with production of our words.
Thank you, Inkberry.