March inkmail…from Stockholm!

April 21, 2008

I wrote this post back in March…and accidentally “saved” the draft, rather than “publishing” it. Mea culpa! Here ’tis, belated but no less heartfelt. – RB

This month’s inkmail was written by Patty Crane, an Inkberry board member emerita. She’s a fantastic poet (you can read three of her poems here in Ars Interpres, an international poetry journal) and she’s one of our very favorite people. She’s also now living in Sweden.

Greetings from Stockholm, where the days are growing steadily longer and the return of light feels like the physical and emotional equivalent of taking a long, deep breath. After seven months living here, experiencing the cultures of an open-bordered society, learning the language and mores, I find myself drawn, in my reading, to an array of prose and poetry that crosses borders of some kind—continents, cultures, religions, gender roles, and languages, to name a few…

Read the whole thing here. Thanks for writing for us, Patty!