All this can be yours…

May 31, 2006

You probably know by now that Inkberry is having its big fifth anniversary party (and fundraiser), “Inkstravaganza!,” on June 10th at 8pm at the Cup & Saucer in North Adams. If you’re able to join us, I hope that you will — it should be an awesome party, with good food and wine, good music, magnetic poetry, word games, special guests, a silent auction of alphabetical art, and more.

But even if you can’t join us, you can join in the fun…by nabbing a ticket to our raffle.

We’re raffling off three excellent prize baskets. They contain theatre tickets, gala tickets, Tanglewood tickets, gift certificates for food, gorgeous wine, movie tickets to Images cinema — all kinds of great stuff. Each one has a value of a couple hundred bucks.

Want to see what they look like?

Now you can, here:

Or, you can see each one individually here:

Alongside each photo is a description of the items in the prize basket and their approximate value. These are awesome prizes, and tickets cost just $2 (or ten for $20.)

Buying raffle tickets couldn’t be easier. Just three simple steps:

1) Email us and tell us how many you want;
2) Send a check, made out to Inkberry, 61 Main #223, North Adams MA 01247;
3) Wait to hear if you’ve won!

I’ll set aside tickets for you and fill them out with your information, process your check, and let you know if yours is one of the winning tickets we draw at Inkstravaganza on June 10th.

Support the literary arts, and maybe even win big!


Photos galore

May 4, 2006

Want a pictorial glimpse into the life of Inkberry? You’re in luck: all of our digital photos have been uploaded to our new(ish) flickr account, and sorted into “sets” (a.k.a. online photo albums). Good stuff.

You can find all of our photos here; our list of four photo albums here; pictures of Saturday’s workshop with Anne Waldman here; scenes from our reading series here.

But wait! There’s more! You can peek at our operations here, and photos of youth programs here.

Enjoy! (And if you have a flickr account yourself, drop us a comment or an email; we’d love to add you to our “contacts” list over there.)

Inkberry + flickr = happy

April 7, 2006

I got my first digital camera about a year ago. Not long thereafter, I got myself an account at I uploaded pictures and sorted them into sets (albums), and after a short while I created an inkberry photoset. That worked fine…for a while.

But we’ve reached a point where more than one person involved with inkberry takes digital pictures. And we’re starting to have a large enough photo collection that it’d be nice to be able to organize it into subsets — little albums for different events, or different components of what we do.

So now inkberry has its own flickr account. Right now it features a few photos from ‘zineberry, our middle school ‘zine-writing workshop.

I probably won’t delete the inkberry photos from my own account. We’ve linked to several of them in blog posts, and I don’t want those links to go bad. But over time, we’ll copy the old inkberry photos into the new inkberry account, and that’ll be the place to look for pictorial proof of what we’ve been doing.

So if you have a flickr account, add inkberry to your contacts list! We’re happy to offer a little window into what we’re up to.